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Working from Home? Hybrid? Onsite? We Got You Covered.

Workplace Wellbeing is what we do. Talk to us about virtual Fitness Classes, Health Talks, Onsite Health Fairs, or any other wellbeing topic. We've got you covered.

Workplace Wellbeing 

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Proudly serving leading employers nationwide.


Virtual & On-Site

Our accredited fitness instructors and educational speakers come to you, or host virtual sessions providing top-notch fitness classes, health talks, and wellbeing events.

A Wellbeing Program For Everyone

FitPros offers over 45 wellbeing programs spanning physical, emotional, and social experiences to improve the health and happiness of your employees. 

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Health Talks

An informational presentation with a certified professional

who inspires healthy

living through a motivational discussion.

Fitness Classes

FitPros fitness classes are easily brought to any space and make a great break to your team's work day. 

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Social Engagement

Looking for new and creative team building ideas? FitPros activities are led by industry experts to engage and motivate employees while creating a culture of belonging.

Health Fairs

Unlike old-school health fairs, FitPros brings a wellness party to your employees. Whether your fair is virtual or on-site we deliver fun and engaging activities to get your employee population excited about wellness. 

Employee Wellness Portal
Employee Wellness Portal
Wellness Portals

Our Remote Worker Care Packages are strategically created to provide a holistic experience for your employees. Each Care Package is packed with snacks and items of your choice.

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FitPros LIVE

Scheduling a wellbeing program that rocks is time consuming and complex. Make it easy for your teams. Subscribe, tune in to LIVE, and you’re on your way.

Wellness Solutions
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Connect with a Wellbeing Specialist

to start planning your wellbeing goals.

Trusted By 1,000,000+ Employees Nationwide

"The whole process was very smooth! The team was very helpful in making sure our needs before, during and after the event were met. The speaker was also great. We appreciated that they stayed on longer to answer questions!"

City of Sunnyvale Wellness Goals

Principle HR Analyst, City of Sunnyvale

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Be An Elite HR Leader

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What To Expect

Put your ideas in motion, without the busywork.

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Discover Wellbeing Solutions

Uncover your wellbeing goals. Whether it’s team growth or shifting perspective – there’s a whole world of ideas waiting for you. Browse our wellness solutions or speak directly with a Wellbeing Specialist to put your wellbeing initiatives in motion!

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Get Straight to Planning

We handle all of the behind the scenes paperwork and payment required for our insured and accredited instructors. FitPros offers programs designed to fit any size company and budget. Connect with us

today and schedule a wellbeing program

in as little as 4 weeks!

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Internal Marketing Support

We know you're busy, that's why we partner with you to spread the wellbeing word at your company. FitPros' in-house design team creates all the marketing collateral for your wellbeing program and helps build excitement for your upcoming events. Additional marketing support includes:

  • Promotional Flyers

  • Employee Interest Survey

  • Collaboration to align with Carriers & Brokers

  • Prizes for Challenges

  • Company Branded Items

  • Scheduling and tracking platform for ROI

Ready to exceed your company's wellbeing goals? 

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