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So Much LIVE Going On.

Real. LIVE. Pros.

It's not an app, video on-demand, or a pre-recorded podcast. 

This is FitPros LIVE.

Engage your team with LIVE, interactive virtual wellbeing experiences. No planning required.  

Let's Break It Down

First things first.

FitPros LIVE is a subscription service, streaming diverse wellbeing content every week, hosted LIVE by our credentialed health professionals.

Yes, it's really LIVE.

Remote and hybrid teams crave real interactions. Go beyond simple fitness trackers and lifeless wellness apps. Give your team wellbeing, health, and wellness sessions they can really engage in.

Image by Libby Penner
Image by Marten Bjork

Because you have enough to plan.

Scheduling a wellbeing program that rocks is time consuming and complex. Make it easy for your teams. Subscribe, tune in to LIVE, and you’re on your way.

Drop in anytime.

We broadcast LIVE sessions every other business day so your team can join in whenever it's right for them.

Purposeful content. Always.

Our annual schedule of LIVE sessions are carefully curated, ranging from DEI talks and team-building activities, to mindfulness workshops and fitness classes.


Prove your ROI.

Track employee attendance and engagement with our admin dashboard. It makes demonstrating value easy. 

Image by Amy Elting
Image by Smartworks Coworking

Spread the word.

Internal marketing collateral is included, so driving employee engagement is one less thing on your to-do list.


Connecting teams globally.

Include your international teams so they can share in the experience, from any region and time zone.

Personalized Wellbeing Portal.

The one-stop-site for all things wellbeing that your employees need to improve their health. View and register for upcoming sessions, catch-up on sessions you missed, and stay up-to-date with the latest wellbeing topics with our monthly themed content.


A Sneak Peek at Upcoming LIVE Sessions

Talk to a Wellbeing Manager Today

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